Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wednesday, Week 3 - Tofu and Vegetable Wraps

Today we made vegetable and tofu (Yes- I said it - tofu!) wraps, oranges and strawberry milk shakes.  There were different people in the kitchen and mainly we were just chopping up and grating fresh vegetables.

I wasn't sure how the tofu would go down with the kids, but I made it anyway.  I chopped into cubes, dry fried it  and then covered it in soy sauce. Perfect!

The three kids helping today diced up some red and yellow capsicum, cucumber, spring onions, and tomatoes, they grated carrots and prepared the sweetcorn too.  We also made our special guacamole without 'the bits' and some homemade roasted garlic hummus,  which was incredible.

I thought we might try something different in the way we serve up the food today, so we got a table and put it in the garden.  We had 3 queues of kids and they chose what they wanted to put on their wraps.  It was time consuming, but that doesn't matter.  It was great to see what the children chose.  Most of the children tried most of the things on the table - new things, that they hadn't tried before.  And the really cool thing, was that I overheard so many of them talking about what they had in their wraps, "I had red pepper and sweetcorn in mine."  "Did you try the avocado?" "I'm gonna ask if I can have another one."  Those words really made my day!  Half a dozen of the kids did have a second wrap with the leftovers.  Good on them!

One of kids who helped in the kitchen put everything in her wrap.  She said she liked all the different colours.  Here is a photo.  It's like food art.  I love it!

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